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The majority of our projects are renovations, which often include new extensions. We have completed a few new builds , but due to the general areas we work within, alteration work is usually the name of our game. We love “ before and afters “ so page to the back to see some of the before shots. We have a library of artisans , contractors and specialists whom we have worked with over the years to assist in converting your dreams into reality. We look forward to meeting you in person to discuss your dream home!

I am Shelley James , founder of Palette _ , I started the Palette’s journey in 2011 after working in a corporate environment for four years. I wanted to create something far more personal , that could engage with many aspects of design , architecture and interior architecture. In the process serve to offer clients with design packages which suited their unique requirements.

Palette_ is a small architectural and interior architecture firm , passionate about transforming homes into spaces which release all of its unseen potential . We provide a very personalised experience and often feel part of our clients’ families on completion of our projects, which has resulted in many call backs for new work from our clients and their family / friends. We strive for creative solutions to our briefs , cognisant of budgets and clients personal styles and tastes. We offer services from reviewing properties prior to purchasing , quick preliminary design packages , full conceptual and design development , submissions to local authorities and heritage bodies , to on site inspections and principal agent roles. We like to hold a client’s hand through the overwhelming amount of design choices along the way, so that the project flows both spatially and aesthetically.

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Council Approvals

Heritage Approvals

Building Line Relaxations

Project Flow

Architect Plans

Project Management 


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(approximately 1 hour)
1. Discuss design ideas and opportunities
2. Discuss building industry processes e.g. council approvals, heritage approvals, building line relaxations
3. Discuss role of other professionals who may be required i.e. structural engineers, town planners, heritage consultants etc.

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1 Initial sketch design based on existing drawings of the property provided by client
2. This will portray design opportunities and initial design of what may be possible
3. This will be accompanied by “look and feel “ reference images that would most suit the design
4. This will be emailed through to the client in a PDF format.

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Should the client wish for Palette_ to provide an estimated budget for such a design, a simplistic budget can be put together based on square metre rates
* Please note the architect is not a quantity surveyor, the costing would purely be based on the architect’s experience in the industry. Should the client prefer for a QS to cost on the initial sketch design, Palette _ can assist in contacting a QS for a quote on their professional fees.

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1. Sourcing of existing council drawings for the property from the relevant council
2. Sourcing of the property’s SG diagram and zoning certificate
4. Checking the age of the building with regards to heritage requirements
* All the above documents provide vital information about the site, the restrictions related to the site and age of the structures.

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